: China Slashes Stock Taxes to Combat Struggling Financial Markets

• China has recently implemented a series of measures to combat its struggling financial markets, including tax cuts and state-directed investments.
• The crisis in the real estate market is evidenced by the 80% drop of Evergrande in its first trading session for 17 months.
• Exports from China have been falling, with implications for many economies worldwide.

China Combats Struggling Financial Markets

In an effort to revive its faltering economy, China has taken several steps to support its financial markets. These include reducing stock trading taxes by half and directing state-owned banks and funds to invest in stocks.

Real Estate Market Crisis

The crisis in the Chinese real estate market is becoming increasingly visible, as evidenced by a dramatic 80% drop in Evergrande’s first trading session after 17 months. This indicates that the property market is under considerable stress.

Chinese Yuan Plummets Against US Dollar

As the Chinese Yuan continues to weaken against the US dollar, dropping to its lowest level this year at 7.29, it points to a growing debt problem within the country. Combined with export deflation fears, this could have severe consequences for many economies around the world that rely on imports from China.

Implications for Global Economies

As one of the top exporters for forty countries according to IMF data, any downturn in Chinese exports could cause economic hardship elsewhere in the world. This highlights why it is important that measures are taken now to ensure stability and growth in China’s financial system going forwards.


Overall, these recent developments demonstrate how closely intertwined global economies can be and how even small changes within one nation can have widespread effects across many nations simultaneously. It also serves as an important reminder of just how vulnerable emerging markets can be when faced with economic turbulence such as this one we are currently witnessing within China’s markets today